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Showcase: Amalia Moon, Hammer It Out, and JAYCPHOTOS


Nothing is more perfect for March than a showcase that features metalsmithing and art! Check out these talented sellers who now use Shopseen to grow their businesses.

Amalia Moon

Amalia Moon and her tools

Amalia Moon and her tools


I’m Amalia, owner of a jewelry and metalsmithing shop. My business, named after me, is the combination of my first and middle name: Amalia Moon. My parents gifted all of their children with unusual middle names. The pairing has a nice flow, and since I design and make the jewelry, I choose to keep it simple and let my business really be an expression of myself. I feel wearing jewelry can be an intimate, personal, and tactile experience so I want to keep that connection with people by letting them know a human (me!) created the object they wear. I enjoy imagining my work travels through the adventures and lives of others, changing and evolving with their own experiences.

I started working on my business once I earned my degree in jewelry and metalsmithing, so I haven’t been selling long—about a year-and-a-half; however I’ve been working in the field for quite some time prior to my formal education. Currently, I handcraft jewelry with a modern and minimal design aesthetic. Recently, I’ve been busy working on some special new pieces, that I will be excited to showcase this summer.

Online, you can find me on my website:, where you can sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date on new work.

When I’m not working at the bench, I like a challenge, be it in yoga, aerial silks, home improvement projects or by riding motorcycles. Oh, and I can’t forget cooking! I love to try out new recipes, and I’m constantly rummaging through cookbooks and drooling over future endeavors.

Teardrop Stacking Sterling Silver Rings

Teardrop Stacking Sterling Silver Rings


Yin & Yang Sterling Silver Cup Ring Set

Yin & Yang Sterling Silver Cup Ring Set


Distressed Brass and Sterling Silver Warrior Earrings

Distressed Brass and Sterling Silver Warrior Earrings


Hammer It Out

Megan Russell of Hammer It Out

Megan Russell of Hammer It Out


Howdy! My name is Megan Russell, and I am metalsmith living in Austin, Texas. My shop name is Hammer It Out.

I opened my Etsy store in 2010 and have been expanding my product line each year. I sell at local craft shows as well. It is exciting to get to meet your neighbors, but it is just as exciting to know that people all over the world have work that I have created.

I make eco-friendly housewares out of stainless steel and bamboo plywood. When creating a new design, I aim to make each piece with as few joints as possible. It can be a challenge to find new ways to use old bending and folding techniques, but a fun one. The steel and bamboo that I use are sustainable; I source products that are made using less environmentally-harmful methods. Since I do not use paints or chemicals, each piece could easily be recycled, but it should last you just about forever.

You can find me online at or at to keep up with any new shows or items I might tell you about.

I learned from a whitesmith as his apprentice. What that means is I work the metal cold. It is the traditional way that armor was made of plate steel. I have also worked as a blacksmith and loved it, but came back to how I originally learned when I started to design my own work.


Jean-Christophe Tabary of JAYCPHOTOS

Jean-Christophe Tabary of JAYCPHOTOS


My name is Jean-christophe Tabary (JC) from England. I am the owner of JAYCPHOTOS on ETSY.

I was trained as a designer and photographer in Paris, and after 20 years of working in different industries (web, print, mobile), I needed to get back to the basics. So, I dug out my camera and have been snapping away since. My wife convinced me to do something with it, and I opened my Etsy shop in November 2013.

I would like to say that I am selling feelings and memories through my photographs. Everything is based on a photograph, from an art print or a wall poster to a fancy cushion pillow or a New-York shopper’s bag. I am working on new products and quite excited about it! For the time being, I am looking for local new partners/manufacturers, and always seeking for the best quality for my prints, soft stuffing products, etc.

You can find me online on different forums or creative websites such as:





Offline?? I am always available for a coffee in central London!!!!

My wife has been creating things for children for a while, and she and I decided to start something together. I am working on a new shop with her, which will be opening soon. Keep an eye open for our new venture at:

I would like to go to San-Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo and some other places to work on new products.

Vintage Eiffel Tower

Vintage photography of the Eiffel Tower from the streets of Paris, mixed with bokehs and an original Polaroid style. Double-sided print


Statue of Liberty Cushion

Original black & white photograph of the Statue of Liberty (based on a Hilford HP5 Plus film). Double-sided print


Montage Cushion

Montage of our original photo of the Statue of Liberty and the Stars and Stripes, mixed with a vintage style. Double-sided print.


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Snapshot of integrated storefronts and marketplaces


Many businesses that use Shopseen sell on multiple marketplaces, but there are a few that sell on only one marketplace. If you currently operate only one storefront, and you’re interested in expanding your reach, then it might be time to consider opening up a new online storefront. The good thing is that there are plenty of storefronts to choose from, and Shopseen integrates with most of the popular options. Let’s look at the storefronts we integrated with.



Everyone has heard of Etsy. They’ve been around since 2005, and are extremely popular amongst artists, crafters, and the folks who purchase artsy and crafty things. In addition to allowing people to open up their own online shops, Etsy is a marketplace that is great for discovering new and unusual handcrafted items. It’s free to open an Etsy shop, but listings cost 20 cents apiece, and when an item sells, a fee of 3.5% of the sale price is collected. This is on top of any payment processing costs you might incur.



Storenvy wants to become the Amazon of independent sellers. It’s been around since 2008 and is growing rapidly. Sellers on Storenvy can sell pretty much anything, and anyone can open a store. There are no fees of any kind to open a store, unless you opt for their premium offerings. When something sells, the only fees you’ll pay are Paypal-related, as that is what Storenvy uses as a payment processor.



Shopify is a hosted shopping cart. Well, it’s a lot more than that, but let’s keep it simple for now. The company is based in Canada and has been around since 2006. For a monthly fee, sellers can build and open a full online store with all the bells and whistles. Plans start at $14 per month and go up to enterprise-level. Shopify has its own app store, where you can find add-ons to manage and grow your business. There is no marketplace, so you’re on your own for making your store discoverable.



Bigcommerce is also a hosted shopping cart. They launched in 2009 and have been growing since. Plans start at $35 per month and come with all kinds of perks. They encourage you to sell anything! Just like Shopify, Bigcommerce is not a marketplace, so you’re on your own for making bringing traffic to your store.


When you are ready to add another store your Shopseen account, simply go to your Stores tab in your business settings. Already have a bunch of stores but need a way to manage them all? No problem. We can help. Sign up here.

Shareables: Cool Products in February


We curated some cool products that Shopseen users are selling on their various online stores. Need a Valentine’s Day gift? Check out the products below!

Need a cute monogram coin purse for your Valentine? This handcrafted coin bag from Monogram Line might just be it.

small coin purse from the monogram line

Small coin purse from The Monogram Line


Look at this little angel! Offered by D’Fine Lifestyle.

angel diamond pendant from D'Fine Lifestyle

3D Angel With Matching Chain Lab Diamond Pendant from D’Fine Lifestyle


Looking for something a bit more intimate? Massage your way into your lover’s heart with this creation from Beazer’s Garden.

massage oil from beazer's garden

“LOVE” Aromatherapy Bath & Body Massage Oil from Beazer’s Garden


And for men, what’s a better gift than a nice shiny new toy that makes great pizza—on a bbq grill, no less! Great product from Eater Next Door.

mighty pizza oven from eater next door

Mighty Pizza Oven from Eater Next Door


Don’t leave the girls out! Check out this Hello Kitty decal from Flipside Graphics.

hello kitty decal from flipside graphix

Hello Kitty Decal from Flipside Graphics



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Showcase: Bearfoot Rabbit Creations, Caffeinated Papercuts, FlyingFrenzy-winkel, and Redhead Revolution


Want to see the types of businesses that sign up to use Shopseen? Here’s our February showcase of new users who recently started using Shopseen to help them sell better.

Bearfoot Rabbit Creations


Amanda Perrin of Bearfoot Rabbit Creations


Hi! My name is Amanda Perrin, and I am the artist at play here at Bearfoot Rabbit Creations. I am originally from Woodhaven, Michigan, but for the past 9 years I have had the privilege to travel the country full time.

My business was founded on an intense love of stones, metal and history. The first steps were taken on a very small scale on October 31, 2012. I have over 8 years’ experience working professionally with semi-precious and precious gemstones. I also have over 12 years of working knowledge with various metals and wire. I have sold my jewelry domestically and in several countries around the world. I also attend various art venues and conventions throughout the Continental United States.

Online you can find my jewelry at:

Bearfoot Rabbit Creations is a collection of gemstone and wire jewelry. I work personally with a lapidary to select the best quality materials and have them cut specifically for me and my jewelry. All of my work is very intentionally personal, right down to the mining of the materials, which I am sometimes lucky enough to do myself.

I have a passion for history and tradition while also seeking out the obscure. Much of my jewelry is inspired by museum finds from Rome, Ireland and Scotland. I love to study the theology of minerals throughout time and history. I find 1,000 year old jewelry unbelievably captivating, and I try to emulate that same allure in my art.



Ammonite and Garnet Pendant


Quartz and Rhodochrosite Pendant


Ruby Kyanite and Sapphire Pendant


Caffeinated Papercuts


Jennifer Loftfield of Caffeinated Papercuts


Hey there, I’m Jen, head paper cutter and coffee drinker of Caffeinated Papercuts. I’m a mom, wife, crafter, gamer, bookworm and coffee addict who loves creating with paper while ignoring the growing laundry piles.

I opened my first shop in August 2010 while I was 8 months pregnant, stuck in the house as it was 95 degrees in the shade, and BORED. Boredom is a dangerous thing, as it leads to crazy ideas and playing with scissors…which, in this case, worked out quite well for me.

I produce and sell anything made with pretty paper as I really cannot get enough of it. Those things include wedding invitations, greeting cards, coasters, ornaments, scrapbook kits, note pads, and whatever paper craft my overactive imagination thinks of next!

Okay, now onto the fun stuff. Get comfy and top off your coffee. Ready?

Online we’re at where you’ll find the blog and links to our Etsy shop and new Storenvy shop. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (yup, totally addicted) and Instagram.

Offline you’ll find me bopping along to my iPod in my craft room making pretty things with paper and glitter while drinking coffee. You can come visit me at local craft shows throughout the year, just check the blog for where we’re going to be next. If I’m not in the craft room, you’ll find me building railroad tracks and being eaten by a lion. You laugh, and yet it happens every day in my house!

Fun fact: My husband is afraid of glitter, so he doesn’t help much. He heads outside and trains birds instead. Don’t worry, he’s a licensed falconer; he knows what he’s doing!



Conversation Heart Valentine Kit


Love Potion No. 9 Card


Perfect Blend Valentine Card




Danny and Claudia (and Tiger) of FlyingFrenzy-winkel


We are Danny and Claudia, cat-lovers and owners of FlyingFrenzy-winkel, a successful online shop selling cat toy wands and refills. We know what you’re wondering, and the answer is that the word ‘Winkel’ is a Dutch word for ‘shop’ or ‘store’.

We started selling very recently, covering the local Belgian market. But we soon had to ship also to The Netherlands and France as the Flying Frenzy Cat Toy sales started to ramp up there as well. In our first month, we processed 2 to 3 orders a day, which was above our expectations. Since than we see the business growing month after month.

Our partnership with feline behavior specialist Anneleen Bru gave us the opportunity not only to learn more about cats, but also about their hunting instinct. That’s how we became a specialized shop providing additional services and exact product information to our customers.

As two cat-lovers, we soon found out that our own cats loved the Flying Frenzy cat toys. The benefits of this toy, besides the obvious entertainment value, are a happier and healthier cat. Many cats can become quite lazy, especially indoor cats, and feline obesity and poor health due to lack of exercise are very common problems, but now you can help your cats improve their health while you enjoy the acrobatic show they perform. Even for cats with a bit of a weight problem the Frenzy cat toys are an excellent way to encourage them to exercise and lose the extra pounds. Of course, you will also extend their lifespan by getting them back to peak fitness.

Our aim was to sell a high-quality product at an affordable price, and one which is produced ethically without causing suffering or cruelty to any animals. Other cat toys are mass-produced in the East, with only final assembly done in the domestic country. Almost the entire range of our products is made by hand in the UK using the best quality components. All components used are selected from sources which permit the most natural environment for the donor animals, and all animal products used, such as feathers, fur, etc, are by-products from the human food industry.

Currently, we’re only available online in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg). There are no plans to combine it with a brick-and-mortar store for the moment. Our website is

FlyingFrenzy-winkel is founded from passion. While enthusiasm is a great place to start, however, it’s not enough to sustain a business for long term. So, don’t count on passion alone. You have to make sure that you have the right tools in place to serve your potential customers. Shopseen is providing a perfect range of those tools, which we picked almost from day one because we wanted to share our passion and our products in the best possible way.



Claudia (and Tiger wandering off)


The Frenzy Faux Fur from FlyingFrenzy


The Frenzy Feather Shimmer toy from FlyingFrenzy


The Frenzy Ratatouille from FlyingFrenzy


The Frenzy Butterfly toy from FlyingFrenzy

Redhead Revolution


Katelin Loveless of Redhead Revolution


Hi, my name is Kate Loveless, and I am the President and Founder of Redhead Revolution, an e-commerce cosmetics company that specializes in cosmetics for redheads.

Redhead Revolution opened its digital doors at the beginning of this year. We wanted 2014 to be the year of the redhead!

Our initial line of cosmetics features 34 products, ranging from a Mineral Moisture tint, eyebrow wax, eyeshadow to lipgloss. All of our products were created to fit a redhead’s unique hair coloring and skin tone.

Currently, our products are available exclusively through our website:

In addition to curating products designed to flatter a redhead’s complexion, we have made a commitment to feature products of the highest quality. Therefore our products are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, gluten and cruelty- free!


Redhead Revolution Cream


Redhead Revolution Mineral Tint


Redhead Revolution Lipgloss


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[Infographic] 10 Effective Ways To Increase Followers On Twitter

Integrate social media into your selling strategy to sell more and sell better. Here is a nifty infographic, courtesy of Visually, on how to increase followers on Twitter.

10 Effective Ways To Increase Followers On Twitter

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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Spotlight: Sian Foster Miranda of Daisuki Fashion and Her Japanese-Infused Trends


Sian Foster Miranda of Daisuki Fashion

She’s one of our more active users, often engaging with us on Facebook, somehow, even if just “liking” a post. Her activity was enough to pique my interest in finding out more about who this “Sian Miranda Foster” person was and what her shop was all about. Eventually, this past December, I reached out to her, proposing that we chat so that I could learn more about Daisuki Fashion and its owner.

Sian was flattered at the thought of being featured in a Seller Spotlight and jumped at the chance to have her story be told on our blog.  A few days later, however, she changed her mind: “I haven’t been running my business for long, and I don’t have much of a story to tell.” She was impressed with other sellers we’ve featured on our blog so far: “The stories that you have featured so far are great.” She eventually relented, and we agreed to touch base early in 2014.

In mid-January, I met Sian on Google Hangout, which was tricky to schedule, given her location in Australia and mine in San Francisco and the huge time difference between the two locations. Once we started talking, I realized that the guys at Shopseen and I had been mispronouncing her name: it’s not “see-an” but “shawrn”. “My dad’s Welsh,” she explained. I also learned that I had gotten her name totally confused. “Foster is my middle name and my husband’s last name is Miranda.” Her husband is Brazilian-Japanese, and Miranda is a Brazilian last name. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, she told me her story.

Sian Foster Miranda studied Japanese language in high school and, in her words, “became fascinated with Japan”—so fascinated, in fact, that she moved to Japan in early 2010 and lived there for two years teaching English. She became inspired by both traditional and pop Japanese cultures and fell in love with the country and the quirky yet eye-catching fashion. Given her passion for all things Japanese, it came as no surprise she fell in love with a Brazilian-Japanese named Eiti (pronounced “ay-chee”), whom she met through a close friend at an Australian-themed bar. She recalled, “We started hanging out with mutual friends on the weekends, going to karaoke, izakayas (Japanese restaurants), and then started dating. We got married in mid-2011.”


Pink brush set from Daisuki Fashion

Sian and her husband returned to Australia and settled in Brisbane, so that she could complete her university studies. “I have always had a fascination with fashion and beauty products,” she mentioned, “and am studying a double degree in business and creative industries.” Though her mind was occupied with school, she could not help but feel a desire to share with the world her passion for the unusual trends she had become accustomed to seeing displayed around trendy neighborhoods in Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, located about two hours by bullet train from Tokyo.


Foundation brushes from Daisuki Fashion

Following in the dreams and path of many small business owners before her, Sian began to dream of owning her own shop selling fashionable clothes, and not just any fashionable apparel, but trendy clothes from Japan. “There was so much cool fashion around me in Japan,” she said, excitedly, “and I wanted to bring that to Australia. I want to provide stylish but quirky and affordable fashion and beauty products to young women.” Her dream morphed into reality when in January 2013, she delved into her idea, setting up her store on Storenvy. She decided to name her store “Daisuki Fashion”, which means “fashion loves” or “fashion that I love” in Japanese. “Currently, I sell products that I like and that I hope other girls my age would like. I am always searching for new beauty and fashion products for my store. I hope to feature my own designs in the future, too.”


Long Top from Daisuki Fashion

Just like every small business owner out there, she encounter some unexpected problems along the way, the most glaring of which involved not being able to source trendy, affordable apparel from Japan. She switched tactics to sourcing her products from China instead. Her active participation in sharing her fashion finds on various social networks and websites like Picsity, Fashiolista and We Heart It has gained her an audience in the United States, although her sales in Australia are still developing. She plans to start a blog soon as part of her marketing efforts.


Pink dress from Daisuki Fashion

Daisuki Fashion, owned by Sian Miranda, sells cute trends inspired by Japan. You can find the store on Storenvy and Wish, and in the future, on ebay and Amazon. Follow Daisuki Fashion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thoughts on Shopseen:

I found Shopseen while searching online for an e-commerce solution.

Shopseen makes the whole process a lot simpler and easy to manage, so I can concentrate on finding new exciting products and work on the design of my store. I’m so glad I found Shopseen and am excited to see the new features coming up.

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Premium Feature: Share Scheduler


Here at Shopseen, we’re constantly working to improve our offerings to you, and this week we’re super excited to announce the newest addition to our ever-growing bucket of premium features: Share Scheduler.

share scheduler

Schedule your product promotions in advance!

As you already know, we offer a free basic level, which includes a social sharing feature that allows you to promote your products for all your stores to any of your social networks connected to your Shopseen account. We’re taking that up a notch with our newest premium feature. With Share Scheduler, you can now schedule your social shares ahead of time.

Depending on where your audience is, you can now promote your products on your social networks to coincide with specific timezones. You no longer need to spend precious time at specific intervals of your day promoting your items to your Twitter, Facebook, or any of your other social pages. Instead, you can spend a few minutes scheduling your shares ahead of time and simply wait for Shopseen to post everything for you at your desired times. Got a sale coming up and you want to make sure your customers know about it? Schedule a tweet through your admin dashboard. Easy peasy!

Click here to learn how to use Share Scheduler.

Scheduler is free to try for a week. Thereafter, it is merely $10 per month. To start your free trial, click here to log-in to your Shopseen account.

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A Few Ideas for the New Year to Help You Sell Better


It’s the first month of the year and you’re probably filled with resolutions for 2014. If you’ve been considering doing something different for the new year, but you’re just not sure what, then we’ve got some ideas for you. Here are a few things you can do to change things up a bit and to sell better.

1. Sell new

Now is a great time to start selling something new, especially if you have been considering it for a while. There is no better time to start than the new year.

If you have not been considering selling something new but you find that business is struggling a bit, then why not try something different? Let’s say your shop sells only white ceramic plates, and your customers have expressed interest in buying white ceramic cups from you. Assuming you have a high level of interest from your customers, expanding your shop offerings to include plates and cups is probably a good idea. Sounds like an option worth exploring.

2. Sell differently

We’ve noticed that there still many sellers who sell on only one marketplace. Keep in mind that certain crowds follow certain marketplaces, and to expose your products to a wider audience, you will need to open up shop in more than one place. It’s great that you have a bustling Etsy shop, and this may also mean that the crowd at Storenvy may find your items compelling as well.  Don’t forget craft fairs, trade shows and even flea markets. So look around and see where else you can gain exposure for your shop and sell there.

3. Set a goal

You probably have an accounting system in place, but how about metrics for selling? Determine your selling goals, including things like decreasing refunds from your customers, and come up with strategy to reach those goals. Start with something simple, such as selling 5 necklaces per day. Once you have easily met those goals, increase your numbers over time.

4. Get some help

We’ve already mentioned this in a previous posting. If your business is becoming stressful, then it’s time to get some help, whether that is in the form of hiring a couple of hands or bringing in some free apps (hello, Shopseen!) to free up some time. You may find that doing the simplest thing, like emailing your customers instead of sending out snail mail, might bring in more sales and free up some time. That is something you can do from the comfort of your shop, home or car, instead of running to the post office.

Those are simple suggestions we’ve got for you on how to sell differently this new year. Have any ideas to help your fellow sellers? Shoot them our way! Reach out on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group or Twitter.

Happy New Year and Happy Selling!


Showcase: Bead Crumbs, Bye Bye Banana Bread, Ryan O’Neill Studios


Each month we get a ton of cool businesses signing up to use Shopseen to help their grow their businesses. We decided to share a few of those with our readers. Check out January’s showcase of new businesses that recently joined Shopseen.


Bead Crumbs

Photo of Jayne from Bead Crumbs

Photo of me (if I were to bead me up)


Hello! My name is Jayne Tokumi from Oahu, Hawaii. I am the owner of Bead Crumbs.

I’ve been selling my beaded crafts since March 2009.

I create beaded charms, jewelry and accessories from patterns that I design myself. I use Japanese seed beads and bead weaving stitches in most of my work, and I especially love making cute, whimsical characters. I do not use a loom. Instead, I prefer using a needle and thread to hand-stitch my designs.

I sell my products online. You can find me on Etsy at I’m also on Facebook, and Twitter,

I love fairy tales and happy endings. Inspired by Hansel & Gretel’s trail of bread crumbs, I named my shop “Bead Crumbs” for the tiny seed beads that I use in my designs.  My bead crumbs are leading me into a world full of fun and adventure. I hope you will join me!

Seed Bead Valentine's Heart Earrings

Seed Bead Valentine’s Heart Earrings
Sterling Silver Ear Wires. Seed beads are lightweight, so they make great jewelry.


Seed Bead Panda Charms

Seed Bead Panda Charms
Most popular design. Pattern also available for those who like to DIY.
(This panda is my “mascot”)


Jeweled Flower Charm

Jeweled Flower Charm
Seed beads woven around a pearly center and made into a bag charm.



Bye Bye Banana Bread

Ray from Bye Bye Banana Bread

Ray, the Top Banana


My name is Raynor Bugayong, and I’m the Top Banana at Bye Bye Banana Bread.

I started selling very recently. When I started selling, it was limited to local orders in New York to co-workers and friends back in August. But through Storenvy, I started shipping my bread across the country in November!

I sell banana bread, and if you think that’s delicious, then you should check out our menu! Currently, there are 11 flavors and my goal is to reinvent banana bread with new and interesting flavors. One example is our Banana Crumb Cinnamon Swirl loaf suggested by one of my customers.

Currently, we’re only available online through Storenvy: But in the future, you’ll be able to walk into our store for a fresh loaf of your very own!

This business is pretty unique! The various flavors on our menu are real breadwinners. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ones and we’d love to hear suggestions!

Banana bread with chocolate chips

Banana bread with chocolate chips


Banana bread with just bananas

Good ol’ banana bread with just bananas



Ryan O’Neill Studios

Ryan and paintings

Ryan and his abstract art


I’m Ryan O’Neill, an abstract fine artist from Canada. I own Ryan O’Neill Studios.

I have been selling my art for 5 years. I mainly sell original paintings in acrylic and watercolors. I have sold and shipped art all over the world and sell in a variety of high-end gift stores, museum gift shops, design shops and specialty shops. On the internet, you can find me at:


I am a self-taught fine artist. I was born in Montreal and now paint full-time out of my Ottawa studio where my wife Catherine and I now reside. My studio is where I explore a life of abstract art. My art guides me to stay focused and free to learn and practice new techniques, and also to let the creative process take me on an abstract colorful journey. Painting and art is to me like life—sometimes messy, sometimes hard to control, but always beautiful, and—like life—worth the daily creative challenges. It is a journey of loose and free-thinking brush strokes…of accepting inspiration and painting as well as creating in that direction.

I’m proud to be a winner of Talenthouse creative invitation to collaborate with U2 as part of the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby album. My work is featured in a recently published book by Motivational Speaker Renee Rongen, and my Peace Painting was recently part of the See | Me Exhibition in New York and Miami.




Haiku Pond

Haiku Pond





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